ATMM 2012

First of its kind in Turkey in the fields of audio technologies for music and media, ATMM (Audio Technologies for Music and Media) International Conference 2012 brought together professionals, academics, practitioners and students, not only from various cities in Turkey but also from other countries as well.

The idea of organizing a conference about music and sound technologies was born during a lunch in July 2011 in which Teoman Pasinlioğlu, Mustafa Ertan, Bülent Bıyıkoğlu and I were present. We thought a conference like this would serve as a bridge between both the academy and the industry in Turkey, and, also, the audio communities in Turkey and abroad.

The first ATMM (2012) was hosted by the Department of Communication and Design on 1-2 November 2012 at Bilkent UniversityAnkara, Turkey. ATMM 2012′s keynote speech was delivered by longtime music industry veteran Bobby Owsinski. Apart from opening remarks (by Bilkent University Rector Prof. Dr. Abdullah Atalar and Ufuk Önen & Teoman Pasinlioğlu) and keynote speech by Bobby Owsinski, 24 presentations, three musical performances and a panel about music technology education took place.

Bobby Owsinki’s keynote speech was titled “The Music Industry Is NOT Dying”. On the second day, he held a workshop about preparation techniues for studio recording. The participants found both the speech and the workshop to be very informative and helpful. Owsinki was very pleased with the conference and the trip to Ankara as well. You can read about it in his own words:


ATMM 2012 Steering Committee
Ufuk Önen (Bilkent University)
Teoman Pasinlioğlu (Independent Researcher)
Mustafa Ertan (Interelektro)
Ahmet Gürata (Bilkent University)
Özlem Ömür (Ankara University)
Bülent Bıyıkoğlu (KV331 Audio)
Kürşat Pasinlioğlu (Voispectra)

ATMM 2012 Steering Committee Assistants
Miraç Atıcı (Ankara University)
Giray Bayer (Bilkent University)
Uğur Satılmış (Bilkent University)

ATMM 2012 Review Board
Teoman Pasinlioğlu (Independent Researcher)
Mahcem Öztürk (Müziktek)
Server Acim (İnönü University)
Arda Eden (İnönü University)
Pieter Verstraete (University of Exeter & Sabancı University)
Kürşat Pasinlioğlu (Voispectra)
Ersan Ocak (Bilkent University)
Bülent Bıyıkoğlu (KV331 Audio)